Founders 10x Accelerator Program

About The Founders 10x Accelerator:

Founders 10x is UNSW’s flagship accelerator, tailored for high-potential UNSW startups who want to strengthen their entrepreneurship skills and accelerate their ventures to be investor-ready.

The Accelerator supports up to 20 startups each year through an intensive 10-week program that includes world-class mentorship and networking opportunities, significant funding support, business development and product prototyping services.

Investment Amount & Specific Criteria:


  1. You are the founder or co-founder of a currently operating start-up
  2. A current UNSW student or alum, within the last 5 years
  3. Have a proof of concept, prototype or MVP
  4. Commit to participate in the program for the full 3 months
  5. At least some market validation through customer take up or engagement
  6. Sign a founder pledge to give back to the UNSW Entrepreneurship community

Investment: $20,000 for no equity

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