H2 Ventures Accelerator Program

About The H2 Accelerator:

Founded in 2013 by brothers Ben and Toby Heap, H2 Ventures is an early stage venture capital firm based in Sydney, Australia. We bring together talented entrepreneurs, investors and forward-thinking thought leaders in the world of technology enabled disruption. We invest exclusively through our 20-Week Startup Accelerator.

Investment Amount & Specific Criteria:


  1. Founding team of one to four people. We do take solo founders!
  2. Founders are committed to working on the business full-time.
  3. Have an idea in the fintech, data, analytics, AI or related spaces.
  4. Able to be in Sydney for the H2X week and if based in Sydney, the 20 week program.

Investment: $100,000 for 10% equity

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