Mills Oakley Accelerator Program

About The Mills Oakley Accelerator:

The Mills Oakley Accelerator is the result of a collaboration between Mills Oakley; a progressive legal firm and Collective Campus; a start-up incubator. The accelerator is an end-to-end innovation program which offers new law entrepreneurs and start-ups the funding, tools and support they need to grow their idea into a viable business.

Investment Amount & Specific Criteria:


We are looking for Australian start-ups who leverage new technologies, process and business model innovation to revolutionise the way law firms work. This might include but would not be limited to:

  1. enterprise analytics
  2. document and process automation
  3. artificial intelligence and machine learning
  4. case and project management research
  5. enterprise mobility and security
  6.  virtual services; and
  7. blockchain.

Investment: Up to $500,000 for 7%

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